Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ravenwood - The Waterhorse

Kelpie is a carnivorous creature of celtic folklore that lures people to their deaths. It encourages the unwitting to ride on its back, thereafter sticking them in place and then dragging said victim to the lake bed where they will be eaten whole - except for the liver. Picky, picky.
I don't like liver either.

This is the second boss of Ravenwood, so has been modified accordingly. No prancing ponies here!The Waterhorse makes his presence known throughout his entire level as a disembodied green light traversing through any body of water more than an inch thick.

Gameplay thumbs are in the works!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

de Blob2 and colour

There's a great deal to be sentimental about when thinking about de Blob. A lot of love went into the franchise, and those games represent quite a few (awesome) years of my life.
Creepy Inky Montage was more fun than you can know.

Viva Colour Revolution!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Kick Off

Lynda's blog has a first post!

... But what to post? Well, what else! A blog about art, ideas and game design should open with a tribute to all of the above!
This is a parting gift to a dear friend, featuring some of the crazy concepts produced when our discussions on game design really got rolling. Say hello to Robin of Ravenwood, Dorothy (Dot) the Eyeball, Gypsy Ragdolls and Slim Shady... riding the retro rainbow grid of Space Giraffe, naturally.
This image belongs to Russell Hughes. Thanks buddy, here's to things to come.