Friday, May 11, 2012

Bandits and Thieves

Splat Attack has packed its bags and is off to Apple! Here's hoping the world is kind to our little endeavour. In the mean time, have some Bandit Bees.
Expect more yellow silliness as our Marketing campaign finds its legs. I'm also keen to start storyboarding the narrative people have been asking after - it's been a while since I've scribbled out a cutscene, so I look forward to it.

Along the lines of thievery and felons:

He wants his phonecall, Officer.
Anyhue, music tends to be my wildest inspiration and muse, so when Megan introduced me to Ink Dot Boy, this guy rose up out of the mists of my distant past and demanded to be drawn. So I did one afternoon when I should have been working. I had such fun, I may do a couple of mock comic pages in commemoration!