Sunday, June 30, 2013

Swift as the Wolves of Icewrack!

It's been a while since I updated. Sup.
So the excuse is that I've started a million bits of art and finished none.

Also there was Dota2 to play.

Meet a very controversial reinvention of Dota2's Crystal Maiden.
It's no secret that Valve's art team are extremely good at that art direction thing, but there's only so many 5"5, 20-30 year old hot women I can take before I throw my concepty hands up.

Also not a secret: I think the elderly are cool, so I made Crystal Maiden old.

Here's ice in your eye!

Friday, May 11, 2012

Bandits and Thieves

Splat Attack has packed its bags and is off to Apple! Here's hoping the world is kind to our little endeavour. In the mean time, have some Bandit Bees.
Expect more yellow silliness as our Marketing campaign finds its legs. I'm also keen to start storyboarding the narrative people have been asking after - it's been a while since I've scribbled out a cutscene, so I look forward to it.

Along the lines of thievery and felons:

He wants his phonecall, Officer.
Anyhue, music tends to be my wildest inspiration and muse, so when Megan introduced me to Ink Dot Boy, this guy rose up out of the mists of my distant past and demanded to be drawn. So I did one afternoon when I should have been working. I had such fun, I may do a couple of mock comic pages in commemoration!

Monday, March 19, 2012


... Couldn't have put it better myself, Tez.

So the generous folks at PixelAnte have given me permission to share some of the work I had been doing at the end of last year. You may or may not recognise a few of these poses!

As ever, I always feel bad for the first few concepts that have to wear my learning curve. :( I found my feet in the end, but the disparity of quality and even style makes me regret not having the luxury of going back and tidying up the earlier pieces.

Also, Cupco Games.
This little venture of mine has stolen away what little social-life I've had and replaced it with bees. So many goddamn bees. It's my own fault, but damn.

Someone buy me a gin.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Pocket Full of Poses

I live!

Excuse: I've been pretty wrapped up in my own little indie scene over the last few months. It may very well be the most terrifying thing I have ever done, but to be fair it's also been the most rewarding. It's certainly the reason why I've dropped off the face of the planet, so bear with me while we wrap up Beta. :)
In the mean time:

In other news, I'm nearing the end of one of my part time contracts, and the director was kind enough to let me share what I've been working on.
It's all about the 'tude.

One thing I love best about this stage is really getting into the personality and energy of a character. And while some might consider a cleverly thought out costume or a unique scar or prop to cover that element of the design, I get the most mileage out of poses. Body language can be much stronger than even a facial expression, and I always over reach and create terrible crimes against proportion just to nail that attitude.
So yes, 6 characters in shocking state of undress. What fun it was!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Ben!

My brother-in-law and best buddy turned 25 today, and what better way to celebrate than to mock up his very own League of Legends Hero?

I had a small window of time to work something up for him, and I probably needed a lot longer to work out all the rough edges, broken bits and mistakes... But suddenly it was the 25th of October and the sentiment was there, right?
Sometimes it takes a pile of skulls to truly say "Happy Birthday Bro".

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sigma on the Cintiq

It finally arrived! My glorious 21" UX 2nd Generation Cintiq!
Never mind that my PC has to be shuffled to one corner and I need rock-climbing gear to use the damn thing, it turns out it was worth the wait.

Which brings us to...

... This guy (and his ludicrously epic and convoluted story) which holds a special place in my heart as that JRPG that I'll probably never make. In commemoration of finally getting my Cintiq, I decided to render him up for old times' sake.

Sigma's race are totally monochromatic and identify themselves by numbers. Out of those legions, twenty-four have the privilege of equipping a set of horns which gives them a name, some colour, and the uncanny ability to kick righteous arse. This guy gave up his barcode for "Sigma", and is the amnesiac protagonist.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ravenwood - The Waterhorse

Kelpie is a carnivorous creature of celtic folklore that lures people to their deaths. It encourages the unwitting to ride on its back, thereafter sticking them in place and then dragging said victim to the lake bed where they will be eaten whole - except for the liver. Picky, picky.
I don't like liver either.

This is the second boss of Ravenwood, so has been modified accordingly. No prancing ponies here!The Waterhorse makes his presence known throughout his entire level as a disembodied green light traversing through any body of water more than an inch thick.

Gameplay thumbs are in the works!