Thursday, September 8, 2011

Sigma on the Cintiq

It finally arrived! My glorious 21" UX 2nd Generation Cintiq!
Never mind that my PC has to be shuffled to one corner and I need rock-climbing gear to use the damn thing, it turns out it was worth the wait.

Which brings us to...

... This guy (and his ludicrously epic and convoluted story) which holds a special place in my heart as that JRPG that I'll probably never make. In commemoration of finally getting my Cintiq, I decided to render him up for old times' sake.

Sigma's race are totally monochromatic and identify themselves by numbers. Out of those legions, twenty-four have the privilege of equipping a set of horns which gives them a name, some colour, and the uncanny ability to kick righteous arse. This guy gave up his barcode for "Sigma", and is the amnesiac protagonist.


  1. Oh man, congrats!! I have had mine for over a year now and I still take time to hug it and whisper into it's vents how much I love and appreciate it XD ...some of the best money I've ever spent!

    Great first piece of design too :D

  2. Wow. You really nailed that JRPG look and the colour design is really well considered. Nice work :)

  3. Oh yeah.....looking cool, both pics that is :)

  4. Told you it was worth it... though I look at my Mk1 and feel jelous.... :(